“Ms. Q&A” finalist Elsa goes all out chasing ultimate dream transformation.

Elsa is one of the latest trending acts in Philippine show business. The former “Ms. Gay Pangkalawakan 2016” contestant and ‘It’s Showtime’s Ms. Q&A” finalist recently started the journey for his dream transformation.

In an episode of Rated K, fans and supporters will be able to follow Elsa’s road to a better look. According to him, he was going to go “all out” with the process in order to reach his ultimate dream.

Despite being excited about his new journey, Elsa can’t help but feel nervous because of the uncertainties that he faces. He feels worried about what people would say about him and of course the outcome of his transformation.

With the help of Dr. Sue Hannah Ong, the process of achieving the dream was mapped out.

The first step for the transformation was to fix Elsa’s eyebrows. To get a more natural and thicker look for his brows, he went through a “micro-blading treatment“. He received the latest stranding method for best results.

The next step was to apply botox to Elsa’s forehead. This was done to remove the wrinkles that formed through the years. The doctors said that he needed a glowing face for his TV appearances as his face seemed a little pale.

To get the ‘kissable lips’ effect, Elsa was given a permanent lip tattoo.

Elsa also underwent a “Fractional Laser Treatment” on his cheeks in order for them to become clearer. He ended the long day with a laser removal of his armpit hairs.

Elsa made it clear that he will not waste any opportunities given all the chances. He still has a long way to go in reaching the ultimate dream. Fortunately, he has his supporters to cheer on him all the way until he achieves this new goal of his.

Watch more about his transformation below:

Source: Pilipinofeed.com