Its pretty difficult times now for a man to be, he is not the patriarchal beast as we have known him to be since ages nor is he your robotic tool of the future who would cater to all your whims and fancies so men of this day and age are in a pretty difficult spot, to be honest. Not knowing what is the line between being chivalrous and being creepy or too much out there, he is facing his own battles. Having said that few of them still get away with whatever jazz they have done it’s the better kind of people who are always caught in the most difficult situations. We can’t entirely blame them though the world is moving towards a transitional phase and things are like these are pretty much on the cards.

Appreciate what is out there

It’s a very fine line which separates chivalry from being an unnecessary trait, so one has to be very careful while threading this path and at the same time a woman must understand that he respects you and showers courtesy just so you feel warm and more comfortable and not displaying his machismo there.

Should i pay or ask to split

One of the most common questions which arises for a man on a date is whether he must ask to split the bill or he must be chivalrous enough to pay it all. Here is where the debate starts on what is right and what is not.

Drop her at her place

You are out on a date and it’s quite late at night and you are in a muddle thinking that what you should be doing and what not in the sense that whether you have to drop at her place first.

You get up from your seat

You are seated well pretty comfortably in fact in a public transport where the fairer gender already has a separate reservation but still you being the gentleman you offer the lady your seat out of courtesy while others in the bus don’t agree with what you did.

You gift not just her

It’s the celebratory week and you are obliged to gift your loved one all the best things in the world be it goodies, chocolates or other stuff you feel it wouldn’t be good to just gift her and not her pals so you go ahead and buy them stuff too, a questionable move asking whether is he really a gentleman or a pleaser.

Open the door for her

While it is another point that opening a door for your girl is one of the nicest things to do but we aren’t completely sure that this works on both sides. She may feel she is independent enough to open the car door herself.

He is in constant confusion

A study recently revealed that when a woman feels that her man is acting as per the societal norms she isn’t the least bit excited since she feels that it is just plain boring. But on the other hand, if her man doesn’t do the same regular stuff as defined by the society then she is left disappointed as to why couldn’t he even do the simple thing right.

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