When children swallow a marble or something, the first aid in 4-5 minutes plays a decisive role in their life.

A doctor from Department of Emergency Rescue, Children’s Hospital said, almost every year they also received dozens of children swallowed objects which were often fruit seeds such as longan, rambutan, corn, peanut, beans , rice, keys, tiny toys …

Unfortunately, most children were taken to hospital when it’s too late. Because of lacking of oxygen, their brain were damaged heavily, so many children passed away. The main cause is determined that they were not rescued timely in the first minutes right after they swallowed objects. That was the reason why the objects were stuck in their throats, which caused they breathe more hardly, even avoided the heart beating.

“Without oxygen in just 3 minutes, it can cause to the child’s brain, in 4 minutes the brain can damaged irreversiblely. So if you wait to take them to the hospital, maybe it is too late. Even if their lives are saved, there are many negative effects to their rest life”, doctor recommended.

How to make the first aid

The doctor noted that when the patient is still awake and can cough, pareants should encourage them to cough, then take to the nearest medical facility.

If the patient do that, but it is ineffective, parents should use hands to beat their back and compress chest. In the case of young children, put them on your arm, or face down on the thigh, head down and then beat their back 5 times until seeing the appearance of object.

If it is not effective, continue to turn the patient back and press at their heart. With larger children, you can put them on chairs and do the same.

In case, children can not cough, it had better to check whether they is still breathing. If not, parents need for conduct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in 5 times.

Then need one person to support, one do that resuscitation, another press the heart beat. The position of pressing heart is a half of the under breastbone.

When pressing, remember to put your hands straight on their chest, 15 times the pressure of your heart, then 2 times of blowing the air up. After 1 minute, evaluate whether or not breathing, then check whether their hands has circuit or not. After 10 seconds of testing, if the pulse is still not visible, parents continue to press the chest.

During the progress of pressing heart, it is necessary to maintain 100 times rhythm per minute, try to press deeply and strongly.

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