A few months ago, many people have been excited about the visit of internet sensation, Mader Sitang. After she went viral, the Thai wonder has decided to personally meet her Filipino fans. Besides her entertaining video, she was also reported to help several Yolanda victims by donating her own money. Because of this, many people immediately fell in love with her personality and kindness.

That’s why many were shocked after her former manager, Wilbert Tolentino, has criticized Mader Sitang online. He recently uploaded his video on Facebook, where he exposed the true personality of the Thai star.

According to him, both of them have visited several parts of the country and have helped many people together. Like many people, Wilbert was also amazed at how big her heart was, especially for the children.

But when he and his friends have arrived in Thailand, things quickly took its turn. Wilbert said that Mader Sitang suddenly changed her treatment towards them. She even demanded him to surrender his passport and pay 2 million baht for her to sign their contract. Obviously shocked, Wilbert didn’t comply with her demands. After their discussion, Mader Sitang allegedly made them ride the airport bus alone.

Because of this commotion, Wilbert and his group went to the Philippine Embassy in Thailand. They were totally shocked upon finding out that Mader Sitang wasn’t a lawyer. They also discovered that she didn’t donate a single cent to the Yolanda victims.

Despite this controversy, Wilbert is still eager to continue his endorsement for a cause, which will benefit the urban poor communities. At the end of the video, he also thanked the people who supported and believed him. He also said that he will still continue to help many people, despite not having Mader Sitang by his side.

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Source: Manilaflash.