At one point or another many of us have wondered what we would do with the power of invisibility (right?!). Walking into bank vaults, sneaking into theaters, somehow using our powers for good… Well, a fun new prank lets children feel as though they are actually invisible, and it’s hilarious.

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s hot online recently, you’ll no doubt have seen a huge number of people trying out the “invisibility” prank. In the video that started it all a 13-year old boy was convinced that he was invisible through some clever planning and great acting.

The trick is pretty simple and the boy’s reaction was pretty normal: he thought it was awesome.

The copycat pranks have been met with a mixture of similar responses, general confusion, and some strained sibling relationships. The best yet, however, came from the Camacho family

Eight-year old Ezequiel is the target of the prank and the pranksters are assembled by his two older sisters, Julissa and Jocelyn. Poor Ezequiel seems to be pretty switched-on at first and doesn’t buy the trick.

The very moment that he’s shown the photo (taken earlier) without him in it, however, things go downhill fast. Convinced that he’ll never be seen again he gets terribly upset and his sisters do remarkably well to maintain their composure before letting him in on the trick.

The Camacho parents gave their daughters permission before the video, which has exploded online and we’re sure that Ezequiel is being treated very nicely in the Camacho household ever since.

Watch video here :

You’ve just got to love older siblings, right?

Source : Urbanleak