Nowaday, lots of edgy celebrities are rocking the pointy nails. It is very popular. So why shouldn’t you try it out? But, we must warn you that this shape is going to attract lots of attention, you should better be ready for that! If you are wondering how to get pointy nails, all you need is a good file and a precise eye, so that you make sure that both sides of your finger nail are even. The thing is that you have to file your nails into claws, and we are not exaggerating here, the pointier your nails are – the better.

Now, it is time to share some fresh ideas to style your claws with!

Classy Matte Pointed Nails and Gold Foil.

Cute Love and Bow Nail Idea.

Sparkling Universe Nails.

Ombre Black Pointy Nail Art.

Flower is always a good choice if you want to elegant.

If you want to make your pointy nails stand out, even more, there is nothing better than some sparkle added. Even a simple nude sparkly nails polish adorned with an intricate rhinestone pattern will make people stare at your nails with admiration. Try it out, and you will love it!


Pointed Shape Nail Design with Black Rhinestones and Metal.

Geometric Simple Nail and Bling Glitter.

Get more amazing pointy nail ideas from our video:

DIY Nails Art- Amazing Nails

DIY Nails Art- Amazing NailsBy: nailartbyfrida

Posted by 198Nails on Friday, June 22, 2018