A disturbing footage which involves a fast food employee brawling with a customer has been making rounds online in the past few days.

The video, which was taken by another customer starts off with the two women arguing reportedly because the customer tried to put soda in a free water cup.

In a report by Daily Mail, the persons involved in the brawl were Erika Chavolla, 24, a female worker at a Las Vegas McDonalds and Sabrinah Fontelar, 24, of Las Vegas. Fontelar has since bragged on Instagram that she was the customer in the video and has posted screen grabs from the shocking video.

In photo; Erika Chavolla

In photo; Sabrinah Fontelar

While the audio of the footage is quite difficult to hear, the row appears to be over money. Chavolla can be heard saying ‘since you can’t afford one’.

The customer can also be heard saying ‘that’s why your a** is behind the f***ing counter’ before throwing a French fry across the restaurant.

She can also be heard repeatedly shouting ‘fight me’ across the restaurant.

A second piece of footage shows the fight breaking out after Fontelar hurls a milkshake at the employee. As Chavolla storms toward her, she picks up a metal tray and hits the employee in the head with it, but she barely notices.

Instead, the worker grabs the customer by the hair and begins raining punches down on her head and face.

Chavolla then picks her up and throws her over a nearby table as other employees and even a customer run over to try and break it up. The pair are eventually separated as another McDonald’s worker tries to move the customer away, but Fontelar then begins fighting her instead.

That restarts the brawl, with the customer beaten in the head and face a second time before Chavolla throws her over another table. There were more angry words exchanged between the two before the video was cut off.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s said it is investigating the incident and ‘do not condone the behavior depicted in this video.

See the full video here:

Source : Trendszilla