Normally, siblings are thought to be competing for their parents’ attention and love. And while parents usually do not admit to having favorites among their children, we cannot deny the fact that sibling rivalry happens among kids. But in a recent video circulating online, we see that it’s not just siblings who compete with each other. Sometimes, even parents compete with their children when it comes to attention.

The video opens with a scene inside a bedroom. A huge bed can be seen to the left of the frame, and a baby wearing Irving’s jersey is soundly sleeping next to his mommy. To the right side of the frame was a floor where a furry mat lay. We also see that the dad, wearing his all white, silky pajama was sleeping on the floor next to the bed.

The dad, probably wanting a comfortable place to sleep in got up and approached the bed. He picked up the baby boy gently, and slowly moved him to the floor where he was originally sleeping on. After doing such, he quickly goes to bed and positioned next to his wife. He immediately rests while hugging his wife.

The funny thing comes next as the baby, woken up by his dad picking him up, tried to roll over to his belly, got up and checked his surroundings. He probably realized that it was a different pillow he was resting his head on, as we see him fluffing the blue printed pillow.

He then stands on his tiny legs and tried to climb back to the bed where he initially laid. Much to his surprise, he sees his dad in the very spot where he was being comfortable in the beginning of the video. But the kid was smart enough to know what to do.

He was not going to be outwitted by his dad. So he hops on the bed, crawls a little bit to gain his balance, stood up and tried to squeeze in the tiny space between his mom and his dad. The dad was not giving in at the beginning, but the kid was very persistent. He was using all his might to make his dad scoot over and give him ample space to sleep.

At the end of it all, the dad gives in and moves a little to the side. The baby boy was able to squeeze himself in between his mom and dad, and they all end up sleeping in one bed hugging each other.

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Source: Trendyfeed.