Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. Unlike any other animals, dogs got a close relationship with humans and most of us chose them to be our pets rather than other animals.

But we also need to consider that they’re unpredictable creatures. There are some instances where they are so sweet and cuddly today but later, they roared at you and could bite you anytime.

Recently, a dog makes everyone laugh so hard after it decided to give them a helping hand.

This dog was passing by a group of firefighters who were trying to pull down a tree. They look like struggling a bit but thanks to this kind creature and its owner who happened to pass by helping them out.

On the clip, you can see that firefighters were pulling a rope tied around the tree as hard as they could. However, it looks like they need some extra hand because they hardly budged it.

When the brown dog saw an extra length at the end of the rope, it decided to tugged and join their effort to bring down the tree. The owner tried to pull the dog away but it was tenacious.

The effort of the dog made them laugh so hard but still continued to bring the tree down and let the dog help too.

Watch the video below:

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