Do not miss! Your childlren could fall into this situation!

Young children are more likely to choke on food or strange things. It is because the children are curious, like exploring the world around and put into the mouth all that falls into the hands. Baby has no teeth so it is not possible to chew and crush completely the pieces of hard food. Chewing and swallowing are not well developed. Little babies love to run around laughing while their mouth is tucking away food … Just a little bit of trouble is possible.

If when your babies is eating or playing, they suddenly coughing, you need to think about the possibility of choking food or strange things. Try to calm down, evaluate the situation to have the appropriate treatment.

Everyone hope that they’ll never be in a situation where our baby or child is choking or has a burn or cut

but learning simple first aid skills can give you the confidence to help your little one in an emergency

People think that this knowledge is difficult but in fact it is very easy to do

Let’s learn to protect your children and people around us!

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Source : Feedytv