There is no greater sacrifice than pregnancy and giving birth. We are often enlightened and taught about how risky, sensitive, and difficult pregnancy is. Our mothers put their lives on the line just so they can share this world with us. They sacrifice themselves wholly and willingly for us to see the beauty of the world.

Most women dream of bearing a child. For them, there is no greater gift that they can receive than having their own child. Indeed, these women consider every child given to them as a blessing. They go through a lot of difficulties just so they can bear a child.

Pregnancy is such a magical thing. Expecting mothers carry their child inside their wombs for ideally at least 7 to 9 months. That is equivalent to 28 weeks to 36 weeks. Babies need to stay that long inside the mother’s womb in order to ensure its health and full development of the body. But in rare occasions, babies had to be delivered just a few months after it was conceived.

In this clip that went viral and had touched the hearts of many netizens, a baby was born in after and approximately 22 weeks. This video that has been the talk of the town left most netizens in tears. They found the video so touching and heart-stopping.

The mother delivered her baby just after 22 weeks in her womb. Right after the baby was born, she had to be immediately separated from her baby because the baby needs to stay in an intensive care unit for being born in just 5 months. In addition to that, the mother of the baby is also ill that the baby boy had to stay away from his own mother.

But that is not what melted the hearts of the netizens who watched the video. The mother had to bid her goodbye to her son and the clip has showed the first kiss that the baby boy has given his mom. It was also their last kiss together as they had to part ways.

The mother and the child celebrated their last moment together with a touching and meaningful kiss. Nothing is more heartbreaking than this scene of separating the mother and the child. A lot of netizens felt so many emotions by just watching this video clip of the last moments together of the mother and the child. The special moment warmed their hearts and touched their soul.

Indeed, pregnancy is the greatest sacrifice. We hope the mother and the child find their way back to each other.

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Source: FEEDY TV.