– A fish vendor was able to put his son through medical school without the help of a husband

– She’s a single mom who opted to remain that way when she learned that her boyfriend back then already has a family

– Despite the difficulty, she was able to make her son graduate from med school

Entitled as “Kinaya ni Mama,” a short film posted by GMA Public Affairs showed how a fish vendor who has a heart ailment, was able to put his son through medical school singlehandedly.

KAMI learned that John Nico Ronquillo has graduated from medical school, all because of the efforts of her mother.

According to John, there were times when he was almost about to give up school, but his mom, Nanita Ronquillo, would always be there for him and would tell him just to go on.

“Simula nung bata, hanggang sa lumaki ako, hanggang maging doktor, hindi niya ako binitawan…”

John narrated that at 5:00 A.M., his mom would leave the house to go to the market and sell fish.

However, if there would still be fish left unsold, Nanay Nanita would still go back in the afternoon to ensure that she would get to sell all the fish.

His mom chose to be a single mom after the latter learned that Nico’s father had another family, which meant raising Nico all by herself.

Nico recounted how Nanay Nanita didn’t stop working since he was small up to now.

Despite working hard however, it was difficult to make ends meet, which was why he had to temporarily stop from school to help his mother.

Now, the efforts of Nanay Nanita has paid off and her story and that of Nicos’ never failed to impress many netizens.

“Hindi ako binitawan ni mama, hindi niya binitawan yung pangarap ko. Kinaya ni mama.”

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Source: Kami