Jorge Porto Sierra from Kissimmee, Florida has been arrested and Jailed for multiple attempts to burn $ex offenders alive. His self admitted plan was “to barbecue all the child molesters and kill them.”

Police say Jorge admitted his plan and is now facing four counts of attempted murder. According to the police report, one of the ‘victims’ was standing outside of his room when Jorge pulled up in his car, got out and started shouting at the guy.

The man fled back into his motel room and locked the door while Porto Sierra smashed a window and poured petrol inside the room. It’s alleged that Porto sierra was heard shouting, “You’re going to die child molester! I’m coming in!”

While all this was going on outside of the room, the man and a friend made their escape out of a back room window.

Jorge’s other two targets were in a car parked in a hotel parking lot. First he poured petrol into the car’s open window startling the occupants. The driver tried to leave the scene which prompted Jorge to get into his car and repeatedly ram them.

Officers were quick to arrive and Porto Sierra was arrested after he immediately surrendered. According to police Jorge told them:

“they raped kids, they are child molesters that all live here and deserve to die.”

Allegedly, police asked Jorge why his plan had failed, he responded with: “You guys got here too soon.”

The area all of this occured in is Osceola County. It’s well known for being an area where registered $ex offenders are placed into community rehabilitation programs.

Local news reoprted that at least two of Jorge’s targets were convicted offenders.