During rainy seasons, it is really a must for a person to bring an umbrella so that they can have a shelter from the pouring rain and at the same time avoid untimely sickness that may be caused by being soaked from the heavy rain.

The use of an umbrella is not only limited to the rainy season, it is also useful during the summer. It can provide protection so that a person’s skin could be easily hit by the sun’s harmful rays. Indeed, umbrellas truly have plenty of uses.

This particular discovery by a man even adds up to the potential use of an umbrella. As it turns out, the umbrella is not only useful overhead but it can even be more useful when it is reversed!

In a short clip uploaded via the Facebook page, Fishing Catch, a man was first seen standing on the ledge of a platform on a seaside. At first, what the man was doing seemed unclear.

Not until the video zooms in and we finally got to see what caused the man who took the video to laugh out loud. Well, the man who was standing on the ledge apparently found a new use for umbrellas! That is – to catch fishes.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly, the overturned umbrella can be a very effective and easy way to catch fishes.

As the video progresses, it can be seen that a lot of fishes just voluntarily jump on the umbrella. Its as if the umbrella was just part of their habitat.

Well, the next time you get a chance to go fishing, better try out this unbelievable trick and catch as many fishes as you can!

See the full video here:

Source : Trendszilla