A photo posted to a popular website shows the terrifying moment a massive huntsman spider landed on a Sydney homeowner’s window with a massive thud.

The giant bug, which the owner estimates is the size of his palm, startled the resident and his cat last night when it slammed against the window.

The huntsman, which is renowned for its speed and abnormally large size, then made itself comfortable as it sat on the lounge window ‘for a couple of hours’ as the owner watched TV at his home near Marrickville in the city’s inner west.

The scary sighting was posted by Pomohomo82 on Reddit, who said that despite being given an almighty fright by the huntsman he doesn’t plan on making it vacate the premises.

‘I’m not planning to get rid of it. We’ve got a yard with some trees and he can live out there happily eating all the other bugs,’ he said.

The Reddit user even wryly remarked that Sydney’s wildlife was the least of his problems, with the city’s traffic problems weighing just as heavily on his mind.

In similarly terrifying fashion, a Queensland resident was given the fright of their life while they were cooking dinner when a huntsman spider clambered onto their window last year

This chilling snap of a giant huntsman spider was taken when it crawled onto a broom handle, also in Queensland, in 2016

The chilling shot of the arachnid pinned against the Reddit user’s window is similar to other images of huntsman spiders – with a chilling snapshot of a spider crawling over a broom handle in Queensland in 2016 giving it a run for its money.

Last year, another Queensland resident posted a terrifying video of a huntsman spider pinned against their window while they were trying to cook their dinner.

The huntsman spiders are notorious in Australia for crawling out of car dashboards.

In 2016, a NSW man crashed his car into Lake Cathie after one of the huge critters fell on his lap and caused him to slam on the accelerator.


Source : Dailymail