Not many people can say that they are lucky at love. But Jessy Sharman and her boyfriend Bishop could be an exception. Theirs has proven to be a match made in heaven. The girl herself proved it.

A few months back, 19-year old Jessica Sharman lost her memory as a result of having major seizures. Despite that the girl found herself falling n love with the same guy even after memory loss. Does that prove anything? Well, this is a true story.

Jessica was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy in 2010. This followed a recent major seizure attack she suffered while traveling with her boyfriend Richard.

This incident happened when they had only been together for seven months. Rich quickly swung to action to help his girlfriend.

As it turns out, the memory loss made Jessica forget everyone she ever knew. Not even her family or her boyfriend.

Sharing her experience, Jessica said that she had no idea who everyone was and felt terrible. She was also scared as everyone seemed a stranger to her. She even forgot her own name.

The only memory she had was a scene when she boarded the train.

Her Parents Gary, 56 and Lisa, 49 burst into tears when their daughter denied recognizing them. Her boyfriend was in the same fix as the family members but nevertheless made every possible effort to impress his girl.

Although she doesn’t recognize Rich as her first boyfriend, she luckily fell in love with him again. Not many people get a genuine second chance at love, but Jessica and Rich’s relationship sounds like that in a fairytale.

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