We are very subjective when it comes to describing beauty. People start measuring an individual by their beauty standards were some just judge others on the basis of physical appearance. Here we have such a story where a girl was dumped for the appearance that led her to change her look.

Beauty Standards

Beauty has no standards yet people have set their preference on beauties that are very subjective. People always judge others on the basis of their physical appearance and they tend to believe in socially constructed perceptions. So here we have got you one special story, where a guy dumps his girlfriend by calling her hideous.

A 28 Year Old Woman

There are various types of love but it becomes a bit challenging when your biggest antagonist is the love of your life. In such circumstances, the only thing a girl feels like to change her appearance so that people can notice her. And for that, they go through various procedure like doing cosmetic things to welcome her new beauty. For the 28-year-old Huyen, the reason she went for a cosmetic procedure is because of her boyfriend who dumped her for being too unattractive.


Huyen, a 28-year-old girl, is a single mother from Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. Her boyfriend left her because his family didn’t accept her and told her she doesn’t look worth for him and his family.


Her boyfriend made his decision to end this relationship, she was badly hurt but didn’t say a single word and simply accept it. She decided to work on her career and her features. She really had a tough time dealing with the unforgetful words her ex-boyfriend and his family said about her that she wanted to take revenge on him for leaving her. She then decided to undergo beautification procedure to make him regret.


She started doing various jobs to save money for herself and after saving it for a few years, she went through beautification that included some cosmetic procedures. After that, her doctor suggested taking a break from her job. However, now she has become more beautiful than ever before. we are sure her ex boyfriend would be regretting it. Well, her these step literally made everyone criticized her for her decision and called her fool but Huyen doesn’t find any fault in that, in fact, she said that the procedure makes her feel good about herself. Well, she may have chosen either way to look beautiful but Huyen thinks that what matters for her are the people who stood in her bad times.

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