Not all teenagers get to have a stable life and have the proper education they deserve. Some parents don’t have the means or the luxury to send their children to school. Even though it’s not ideal, they are forced to work even at their young age. This is to help finance their family’s daily needs. Due to lack of education and hopelessness, however, some of them resort to illegal activities, such as theft.

It was only a few weeks ago when two teenage boys were caught on camera stealing from a jeepney driver along Taft Avenue. Now, another set of teenagers from another area was again caught stealing from a jeepney only this time, they stole from the passengers instead.

Recently, Manila Bulletin reposted a video of a group of teenagers stealing from a jeepney filled with passengers. A concerned netizen uploaded the video on social media sharing what he saw. According to him, it was a bunch of “rugby kids” who attacked a mother with her child inside a jeepney.

According to reports, the incident happened along Macapagal Avenue around 5:50 PM.

Pumasok yung mga nagpapalimos na bata sa loob ng jeep. Mga 12-15 sila sa grupo. Biglang may commotion sa loob ng jeep. May mga nakuhang gamit yung mga bata and nadamay pa yung isang nanay na may kasamang anak. Hindi ko alam yung rason pero binugbog ng mga rugby kids yung nanay sa labas ng window ng jeep.

In the video, a teenage girl went on the side of the jeep and yanked one of the passenger’s hair.

Kalahati lang ng incident yung navideohan ko. Natakot ako lumabas kasi baka may knife yung isa sa kanila. But anyway please stay safe folks, especially sa mga nag papalimos na tao/kids.

In conclusion, commuters should always be cautious of their surroundings at all times. We shouldn’t be too trusting when it comes to strangers we see on the streets. To avoid being victims of evildoers, it is important to always be aware.

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Source: Tnpmedia.