As part of the coverage of a sport event, athletes or coaches are often interviewed before, during and after a game so that they can give their expectations on the games and also be given the chance to thank their fans, family members and friends for their continuous support.

However, these interviews are often done briefly as the players and coaches are often in a rush for pre-game or post-game events.

Well, this certain interview of an athlete after a match somehow completely went out of hand and is now causing a hilarious feat online.

At the start of the short clip, the athlete can be heard expressing his gratitude first to the person who gave him the opportunity of being interviewed on live TV. Next to the people who in one way or the other have helped him achieve the person that he is now. He also expressed his love and gratitude to his fans.

But, what made his could have been simple thanksgiving speech was when he mentioned, ‘his wife and his girlfriend’ which netizens assume are two different persons.

As the guy later realized what he just said, he continued on by saying that he loves his wife so much.

Meanwhile, netizens found the video really hilarious as it was really unexpected for the athlete to say something like that given that his interview is being aired live. There are also some who claimed that the man just doomed himself and he will surely have a rough time explaining the situation to his wife.

Well, you should watch the whole video here and tell us your thoughts about it.