Plants give an outstanding outdoor and indoor look with a stunning and creative planter ideas. Having plants brings peace and harmony to your interior and exterior ideas. Well you can enhance it in such away that it can lead to an improved interior design ideas. You can choose the simple projects or go for the intricate ones. So have a look at this amazing ideas to show of your plants.

Amazing one

Diy has showcased many collection for the plants, for the garden, indoor and outdoor areas. Well when you can save then why can’t you make it. So this one is giving an amazing planter ideas.


Reusing old items is quiet familiar but reusing unsuse items is a must too do, so here are chandelier ideas where you showcase this ideas and enhance your plants with an outstanding ideas.

Wooden pallet

Well its better to give a new look to your old drum, as you can see that this old drum is giving an planter look for the garden areas, which is covered with all the wooden pallet designs.


when you feel like giving a stunning look for your plants then its your ideas and the creativity which can be showcase and enhance it in your garden areas.

Tree log

Tree brings peace and harmony but when you want to showcase it in your surrounding with a new look then why not give a tree log some amazing ideas for the planter.


Bicycle for the garden has given many ideas for the garden areas, with a hanging planter or corner ideas. But this one is truly unique and creative with a planter ideas.

Bulb vase

Simple is classy but small items give a natural look to your simple home, have a look at these bulb ideas which is showcasing a vase look for the interior ideas.

Stunning one

You have already seen many planter ideas, and when it comes to diy ideas, its creativity takes a new level day by day. As this one is truly stunning for the simple and basic planter look.

Chalk board look

well this one is creative and stunning because of this planter which is giving a chalk board look for the interior decoration. As you can see we can even give a chalk board something interesting look.


Most probably we prefer out of the box look and this one is giving a stunning look from the hanging slipper which is even showcasing the cup for the planter ideas, have a look!

Mini pond

Well you can go step by step with these mini pond ideas, which is quiet beneficial for your garden areas. So if you’re thinking or this ideas quiet inspire you then yo must probably go for it. Hence these all are the diy collection to showcase your plants.