Body shaming has always been a huge issue in our society. This kind of bullying can definitely affect anyone and can lead to short and long-term psychological and health-related issues. Although there have been movements and advocacies which aims to stop this kind of mindset, there are people who still criticize other people’s body weight. Recently, a Facebook page known as Completely Offensive showed the negative effect body shaming can bring to our community.

This video has immediately gained attention worldwide and has been shared by thousands of people. The page also paired it with a caption: “He called her a McDouble and she showed him her McFury!”

The brawl between two men and two oversized women was documented inside McDonald’s. It was reported that the arrogant man has criticized the women for their weight. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to control her temper and decided to hit the man and smashed him on the floor. Her companion can also be seen as she scolded the other man for body shaming also. The unnamed woman continued to hit the man who wasn’t able to keep his balance.

Other customers chose to look at them from afar instead of breaking their fight. For them, the man deserved the woman’s wrath for being disrespectful. Some can also be seen cheering for both women as they slammed back their criticizers.

Like them, netizens also gave their sentiments on the said video. Some of them were happy with the woman’s reaction while some weren’t. According to them, although he did something wrong with her, it wasn’t right for her to fight back and ruin the property of the fast-food chain. While others cheered for her and said that it was just right for him to taste his own medicine.

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Source: Celebmagazine