A 22-month old boy miraculously survived a python five times his size locking its jaws around his arm and coiling itself around his tiny body.

Naish Dobson had been playing on the veranda of his home in Julatten, North Queensland last Saturday when the 4.2 metre scrub python grabbed him out of view from his family.

It was only when his mother Amanda Rutland came to check on Naish and saw his three-year-old sister Evie-Blue backing up that she realised something was wrong.

‘Because it’s a pole home and he was right behind a pole, I couldn’t see him,’ she shared. ‘My daughter started backing up and looking at me really weird and I thought “uh-oh something’s wrong”.’

The mother-of-two raced around the corner to see the snake had bitten Naish and coiled three times around his right arm. She was bitten herself when she tried to pull the python’s jaw’s off her son. But the boy’s grandfather Ron Rutland allowed him to stage a remarkable escape when he emerged with a knife and stabbed the python down the spine.

The snake loosened its grip on the one-year-old, but then turned its attention to Mr Rutland as well – forcing the grandfather to kill the defiant reptile.

‘The snake had wrapped itself three times around my arm and was starting to go for hard meat,’ the grandfather said.

‘I yelled to my wife to get me a knife and she came out with a kitchen knife – albeit the bluntest one in the place.’

The blade was still brutally effective and Naish was freed.

He was then taken to Cairns Hospital to be treated for the snake bites and bruising. Incredibly the only victim of the ordeal was the snake – which died from its injuries.

The family believe the snake had been hanging around the veranda for as long as 18 months eating rats and mice.

The bite of a scrub python is non-venomous but the snake has been known to cause death by constriction. The reptile breed is the largest in Australia and can grow up to 8m long.

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Source: Feedytv