The peculiar thing about x rays is that they can be incredibly fun to watch.

Sometimes, you may get something really unexpected which is why there are hundreds of weird x-ray photos online. The things that people ingest including children and dogs can be mind-boggling and these will invariably be projected in an x-ray. Even weird body parts that you may not suspect will be revealed in an x-ray. One wonders what life must be like in the day of a radiologist to see so many weird incidents to the extent of really having something to talk about at the end of the day. Perhaps it is x-rays like these that make good topics of laughter. Take a look:

1 This man’s daughter refused to get an X-ray without Peppa Pig

Although an x-ray can’t hurt, the look of the large machines can be daunting to a child and it can get creepy. It seems this little girl’s only mental security was her little play toy called Peppa the pig and it was nice of the lab assistants to allow it. It’s also funny how her father seems to be holding on to her hands. The reason for the x-ray was because the child was suffering form nursemaid’s elbow.

2 This man wanted to see an x-ray of his foot for years

Obviously, with a foot like that, anyone would want to see what’s going on inside there. Once he got his x-ray done, it has finally been revealed, he actually has two phalanges split into two which is why he has two toenails on the same toe.

3 No surgery needed

Some people have miraculous trysts with death to escape unharmed like this man who swallowed all these nails. It was reported that none of the nails perforated his organs and he passed them out easily.

4 A man with multiple hyperdontia

You may have seen some people with a single extra tooth growing through their upper gums. Well, some are misfortunate enough to get a worse form of the condition that results in multiple teeth. This x-ray looks bizarre to some extent.

5X-Ray photo bomb

Well, you can forgive people for photobombing your photographs but is it safe and cool to photobomb someone’s x-ray like this person has done. You can see the hand wave in the frame. Simply not cool because it costs money. However, the lab technicians might have booted him out.

6 Pregnant turtle

This seems a very interesting x-ray. It is that of a pregnant turtle and you can clearly see the eggs she is carrying. You may not know this but even if there is no male a female turtle will carry eggs although they may not hatch.

7 X-ray of a woman in high heels

When women wear those high stilettos, they may carry it off with style, but what they don’t realize is how damaging it is to the bones and feet. Now with this x-ray, you can see the plight of the foot and how your foot bones have to be twisted in different angles just for the sake of fashion.

8 Horse hoof on x-ray

Have you ever wondered what a horse hoof may look like in an x-ray? Well, here it is. It definitely looks mysterious as to how the shoe is attached to the hoof because it looks like there is nothing there but there is.

9 Pregnant cat x-ray

Here is how a proud pregnant cat looks like carrying her babies. If you look closely the kitten fetuses can be made out in the cat’s womb although it does look like a bit of a jumble there. Cats have a gestation period of only 67 days.

10 This boy swallowed a snowflake

Although that may not be a big deal, however, it looks like these adults were curious to see how the snowflake ended up in the child’s system. Perhaps they were lab technicians with access to an x-ray machine and decided to fool around. But, the snowflake seems intact inside.

11 A botched up marriage proposal

This is an X-Ray of a woman with her ring inside her stomach. It seems her partner may have had some pretty romantic ideas by hiding the engagement ring in her drink and you can guess what happened next.

12 “There is a demon in me”

This woman posted an MRI of herself, abdomen most probably and this is what came out. Looks eerie and pretty scary to know that a demon may be hiding inside you. Call it paredolia or what you want but that shape definitely looks like some scary witch.

13 She swallowed her hair clip

Children will just swallow anything and that’s what all parents have to be careful about. But sometimes, you just can’t help it like this girl who swallowed her hairclip and it can be clearly seen in the x-ray. Hope they got it out.

14 Sponge Bob in her stomach

Well, as we said kids will swallow anything and here you can see sponge bob underwater where he belongs. It seems this child swallowed her little sponge-bob toy. Now that’s a new one in terms of x-ray pictures. In fact, the x-ray is actually of a 16-month-old baby and the image was released by Dr. Gofran Ageely.

15 Goldfish X-ray

Have you ever wondered what an x-ray of a goldfish looks like? Well, now you know. It looks like someone had the same idea of taking an x-ray of a goldfish although one can’t help wondering if the fish was alive or dead. This was posted to Flickr in 2011 and the fish had a name, Angelo. Well, it seems according to the post, he had a growth inside him so most probably it was alive.

16 This is the world’s first x-ray

The x-ray was invented by Wilhelm Rontgen a German physicist and mechanical engineer in 1895. His machine used electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength range became to be known as Roentgen rays. This was the very first X-Ray taken by him on December 22nd 1895.

17 Conjoined twins

It is unfortunate to give birth to conjoined twins but somehow, they do live a normal life just like the most famous conjoined twins Abbey and Brittany Hensel. Here is an X-ray throwing some light on how conjoined twins must look like however unlike abbey and Brittany, this pair of twins are joined at the head.

18 X-ray of dog

This looks like an x-ray of some fantasy creature with the body of an animal and the beak of a bird but no. It’s actually an x-ray of a prairie dog with a broken bone above the right knee. Hope it was repaired and he was set free.

19 X-ray of condor egg

Now this is something you won’t get to s,ee every day because you just can’t get a condor egg in the first place. This photo was released by the Los Angeles Zoo in California. Condors lay their eggs just on the side of bare cliff faces and the biggest threat are ravens.

20 Swallowed dentures

Now isn’t this a painful and embarrassing incident. It may be happening very often around the world especially to people who may be sleeping with their dentures on or those whose dentures are loose.

Source : Zeptha