Jealousy is unavoidable in life – we’ve all experienced it at some point in our life. There’s no need to be embarrassed – it’s a completely natural emotion and one that’s pretty tough to ignore. It’s even worse in a relationship. For example, your partner can have a lot of friends of the opposite sex you’re jealous of. It doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you, but chances are you’re going to be upset about him or her seeing them often.

According to experts, jealous is a sense of fear of losing something or someone. People are always trying to prevent this from happening, making precautionary measures as jealousy can trigger disappointment and even depression. If someone’s jealous of you, they’re going to try to enter your head and mess with your emotions. You can prevent this from happening by paying more attention to the following 8 signs:

Fake Praise

Jealous people will fake praise you until you turn your back – once they do, they will have fun at your expense. They don’t want a confrontation so they will never say things to your face. They will even pretend to be proud of you until you hear chatter behind your back.

They Downplay Your Success

Jealous people will always try and downplay your success. They will tell everyone it’s not that big of a deal, even if it is. They don’t have that type of success to brag on, so the only way they’ll get any satisfaction is by convincing others you haven’t achieved anything.

They Brag About Their Success

When a jealous person achieves some kind of success, you will surely hear about it. They will brag about their success even if you have your own to celebrate. In this way, they feel more important than you, so they will do anything in their power to keep up.

They Imitate You

Jealous people will always try to imitate you and what you do. They will walk the way you do and talk the way you do – they will even dress in the same clothes! Don’t be mad about it – embrace their jealousy as this shows they think you’re successful in life.

They’re Highly Competitive

Jealous people are the perfect competitor – they will do anything in their power to prove they’re superior to you and others. You might think that competition is healthy, but if they win, they will brag about it and try to embarrass you, which can be annoying.

They Like Seeing You Fail

As they hate seeing others achieve success, jealous people love seeing others fail. Of course, they’ll never say it to your face, but deep down, they’re happy you fell.

They Love Gossip

As we’ve already said, jealous people will be “proud” of you when you’re together, only to make fun of you behind your back. They often target people you’re friends with as those people respect you. They will try ruining you with false rumors and negative comments just to ruin your image.

They Simply Hate You

When a person doesn’t like you, they’re most likely jealous of you. If you’ve done nothing to deserve it, let them have it. You’re better off without these people in your life after all.

Source: humanexplore.