Most of us have known Jhong Hilario since we were young. He’s one of those celebrities who just seem to be always there that we can no longer imagine local show business without them. Truly, Jhong’s career has spanned more than two decades.

He started out as a member of the dance group Streetboys. He’s one of the originals — and after three years of dancing with this crew, he was finally given an acting break in the film called”Istokwa.”

Since then, he has appeared in numerous films and TV shows of various genres. Across the years, Jhong Hilario, or Virgilio Viernes Hilario in real life, was able to showcase his versatility.

Because of the success and consistency of his career, many are wondering about the wealth he must have amassed in doing show business for so long.

Well, let us give it to you straight up. The last reported net worth of Jhong Hilario is at $11 million. We know, right? It is an incredible wealth that he gained from decades of hard work and dedication to his craft.

See, at 42 years old, his career is just getting stronger. We see him almost everyday in the Kapamilya noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ as a host, a judge, and an overall performer, delighting audiences with his jaw-dropping street dance “samples.”

He has been dubbed “King of the Dance Floor” and “Sample King” because of these total performance chops.

Aside from a fruitful career in entertainment, Jhong Hilario also dabbled for a while in Philippine politics. He currently serves as councilor for the City Government of Makati.

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With Jhong’s track record of giving everything his all, it might just be fair to expect even greater things from him. He might be nearing midlife, but we know he’s just getting started.

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