Public transportation, no matter how convenient it is for commuters can be a dangerous place. On Facebook, people often post their bad experiences in jeepneys, buses, or the like. The difficult thing about commuting is the possibility of having an encounter with another commuter. One could meet an arrogant commuter, while the other meets a pervert.

Just recently, a pervert pretended to sleep just so he could rest his head on a woman next to him. A concerned netizen filmed and posted it on Facebook which shortly became viral. Luckily, the woman found a way to avoid the pervert and embarrass the man on record.

According to the netizen who posted the video, the man asked the girl to scootch over so he could sit next to her. Shortly after that, he put his hands on the woman’s waist, which was not part of the video. When the woman moved a little farther away, the man started his “sleeping act.”

The woman did not hold back and pushed his head away from her to wake him up. The pervert, however, kept on persisting and continued to pretend to sleep. Finally, the woman who was already frightened transferred seats. As soon as she did, the pervert who was pretending to sleep fell his head on the chair.

The drop clearly woke him up. It was also obvious by his facial expression that he felt a little disappointed and embarrassed.

Compared to other stories posted on Facebook, this was a success story. Last year, around night time, a drunkard was riding a jeepney and tried to grope two female passengers. One of the passengers was a mother with her child.

The disturbing video also went viral. People inside the jeepney were already calling his attention out. Because of being intoxicated, however, the man continued to do his bad deed.

As time passes, more and more women become victims of perverts. That is why women should never put their guard down whenever they are outside the comforts of their home. We must remember that bad things can happen any day at any time.

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