Everybody is aware of the fact that the reality shows shown in the television have nothing to do with reality. The reality shows have a devised and edited script and participants who arouse disputes and conflict. All these make the lives of the contestants of the reality shows look like a unified Television series and billions and millions of viewers can’t stop watching these famous reality shows.

Scroll down to see how the most famous reality shows are actually made!

1. Man vs. Wild

This famous UK reality show is hosted by Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls sustains himself in very tough and life-challenging conditions. This show’s assistant director said about its production that they had food packed with them, but they sometimes tried some stuff that Bear Grylls had like live fish or the Mexican rocks. They used to shot Bear walking in Copper Canyon on the edge of a 600-foot cliff, and Simon used to follow him with the camera but he was unable to see the edge as his eyes were on the eyepiece and his vision towards the cliff was blocked by the camera. He said that whenever Bear Grylls had to do something threatening, they had to check the depth, all the hidden hurdles before letting him jump into the water.

2. Who wants to be a millionaire

The assistant of this show said that he helped in auditioning people and even got the participants to sign all the papers after the show was over. He said that there were some people who gave their audition 30 times but were not able to pass them. One of the assistant’s father’s friends gave his audition only once and was unable to pass it. The man was completely mad and refused to believe it. Similarly, many other people also fail the auditions and do not accept it.

3. Pimp my ride

This famous reality show was one of the coolest one from the 2000s in which guys transformed old cars into fantastic ones with televisions and huge speakers inside them. In an interview with Huffington Post in the year 2015, the show’s director and producers said that all the cars were in the garage for more than about six months instead of keeping them for several weeks. The cars were modulated only for the show. The internal parts of the cars were not fixed, and almost all the things that were put on the cars were removed immediately after the shooting was over. The final end parts of the episodes were shot numerous times. The producers said, “Come on! We tried! Give us more emotion. The only person all the participants had very good memories of was Xzibit. As one of the participants remembered, “He was always relaxed, funny, and supported all ideas.”

4. The Voice

The famous show ‘The Voice’ does not require attracting famous people or making unnecessary disputes. However, there are a few things that should be known about the show. An interview published by Reddit read that a friend of the interview was eliminated after he gave the blind auditions. The man was not allowed to sing a song that he wanted to sing and was instead given a song that was beyond his league. And when he failed to pass the audition, the judges told him that the song was too challenging. The man’s family saw him only during the recording for a short period and after that, he went back to the hotel in which the contestants had to stay.

5. The Bachelor

One of the most popular TV shows ‘The Bachelor’ is much more like a fairy tale. There is an audition and some bloggers and models are called for ratings. The shoot continues for 24 hours per day and therefore many things are not shown. The show is organized in such a way that makes the show appear more dramatic.

6. America’s Next Top Model

The most remarkable regard of this reality show is Tyra Banks, so let us talk about everything that Tyra Banks herself managed to accomplish. And the fact that this show did not produce the next top model of America is genuinely true. Only 3 contestants out of 24 became popular. They are CariDee English who became a speaker for The National Psoriasis Foundation, Yaya DaCosta who played the role of Whitney Houston on screen, and Analeigh Tipton who also became a Hollywood actress. But of the three of them, none became a model. On this Tyra made a comment, and said, “On my show, I didn’t just make models, I made personalities. So, when I was sitting there in my character and I was fiercely criticizing the girls’ photos, I was trying to train them.”

7. Survivor

Many of us think that the show Survivor is actually real as compared to the other reality shows shown on TV. The show really is but also there are a few things that we should know about this show. According to its contestants, the producers before the voting of the show conversed with them so that they could offer them hypothetical means in which the story of the show could go. Questions like “What if this participant leaves today? What if you said that?” generated many ideas in the minds of the participants and often made them make contrasting decisions. The shooting team assisted the contestants, but the stories of the show are all about cameramen and the journalists.

8. What Not To Wear

What Not To Wear is one of the first reality TV show about fashion where the old clothes of the participants were dumped and each contestant was instead given a credit card with a huge sum to purchase new clothes. The participants of the program said, “They gave all my things to Goodwill. I had a few things that were my grandmother’s. I kept them.”

9. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

This famous reality show made the Kardashian family the most popular family in the world. The stories in the show in a way that everything works like a movie. There is a beginning, development, and an end in the show. But also there are continuity errors. Some episodes of the show are actually written by the scriptwriters to make the scenes more powerful.

10. Hell’s Kitchen

In this reality show, two teams of chefs play against each other and are directed by Gordon Ramsay. Gordon yells and condemns everyone. Regular masses participate in the show because of the surprises and constraints from the crew. For example: when the ingredients are changed it is virtually impossible to end watching. And according to a cameraman, this is definitely true.

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