Do you want to know how can they create this elegant and pretty 3D nail? Is it difficult or easy? Can you decorate it for yourself at home? This nail was create from gel paints and very easy to do it. You will love working with gel paint because some reasons:

1. Quick and easy to apply.

2. Gel paints do not leave a dispersion (sticky) layer, due to this characteristic all the design can be created on already sculptured nails and sealed with Top Gel, what will save your working time drastically.

3. Due to the high pigmentation of ReformA gel paints, deep and intense color can be achieved with 1 layer only.

4. Gel Paints are very thin gels, what makes them perfect for on top of the nail designs or even full nail cover. Also some Gel Paints can be used for 3D elements.

Let’s try with the easiest design: Cute Polka Dots. Only 4 steps:

  1. Apply a black polish
  2. Create one yellow dot (gel polish) at the centre of our nail
  3. Add 3 blue, green and pink circles (with different size) around the yellow dot. And add more colorful dots to cover all your nail.
  4. Apply a top coat, and you’re done.

This design is very easy, isn’t it? Read more ideas from us then pick one of them to decorate your nail immediately.

Another Polka Dots design combine halfmoon manicure.


Attractive chrome nail and white dots.

A Nude Floral 3D Nail from gel polish.

This is cute owl nail art design from gel polish. Do you want to draw it?

Here is 5 simple step by step flower nail art tutorials for you. It’s easier than you imagine, isn’t it?

Pink floral nail design and rhinestones.

Coffin rose nail with glitter.

Luxury stiletto colorful floral nail.

See more details instructions about gel polish 3D nail designs from our video bellow:

DIY Nail Art – Amazing Nail

DIY Nail Art – Amazing NailBy: violetta_ter

Posted by 198Nails on Friday, July 20, 2018