Modern employers tend to be original and resourceful in order to hire the best. There was a time of IQ tests, then – heart-to-heart talks, and now, it’s a time of riddles and brain teasers.

Famous companies, such as Google, Apple and the like, now use this sort of tasks during the job interviews. Eventually, this trend picked up and now you can get a puzzle arriving at an interview with one of your local companies.

Even if you don’t plan on doing so, try them out to see if you could solve these puzzles. We have prepared 3 brain teasers, which are often given during job interviews.

Puzzle №1.

How to divide a cake into 8 equal parts with three cuts?

Puzzle №2.

There are 3 light bulbs in a windowless closed room, and there are 3 switches outside. The light in the room is presently off. You may play around with the switches as many times as you want, but while the door is open you may not touch the switch. What is the minimum number of times you need to open the door to figure out which switch goes to which light bulb?

Puzzle №3.

How many tennis balls fit in a bus?

At first glance, you may find these tasks strange and unusual, but that’s the whole point. You need logic and ingenuity to find the right answer. Don’t hurry to scroll down, unless you are ready to see the answers. Give it a good thinking, but don’t take too long!


Got your answers?

Here are the right ones.

Answer №1. First, you need to make two cuts crosswise dividing the cake into 4 equal parts. Then cut the cake in half horizontally. Yes, someone won’t get the icing, but you have your 8 equal parts.

Answer №2. You need to open the door only once. Turn on 2 switches simultaneously, and after a while turn off one of them. When you enter the room you will see that one bulb is on – this goes to the switch you left on, then feel the remaining two bulbs – the warm one is apparently connected to the switch you turned off in a while, and the cold one is connected to the switch you didn’t touch.

Answer №3. There is no right answer because the measurements of the ball and the bus are not given in the conditions. With this question, the employer wants to observe your thought process. Name the approximate length, width, and height of a bus, the size of one ball, calculate the volume of the bus and the ball, account for different parts of the bus that take up space, as well as for the fact that the balls aren’t square, and give your answer.

As you can see, these tasks really work your brains, and this is exactly what recruiters want to see in order to hire the best. Train your logic and out-of-the-box thinking! Did you get the answers right? All of them?

Source: fabiosa.