Peonies are big and beautiful flowers. It often has many petals, so many people don’t like to make it. But fabric peonies is the best choice for you to have an elegant and gorgeous decoration at home. Now today I want to share you how to make it.

Things you’ll need

Polyester fabric (If you don’t have fabric, you can use satin, chiffon, acetate lining, polyester lace… instead)


Needle and thread


Step 1: Cut 6 petals of each of the four different sizes using this pattern

Step 2: Carefully sear and curl the edges of each petal by holding them over a lit candle. Rotate the one at a time.

Step 3: Thread your needle, then curl one of the smallest petals along its wider side. Sew it along the bottom to secure it.

Step 4: Continue curling petals around your first petal, overlapping them slightly and securing them by stitching them along the bottom.

And, you’re done!


If you want to make a peony, you can gather the petals slightly as you want. Make the center of the peony lower, and raise the petals as you go.

You also make a cabbage rose with this petals. Don’t gather the petals. Make the center of the rose higher and the rest of the rose lower.