The pillows are both useful anf decorative items. As such, they become one of the most popular home furnishings. If you have small children, you know, it’s boring to sit on seats. But these flower pillows are so beautiful that even you can forget your seats. Now today I will tell you how to make beautiful flower pillow in 2 ways. Let’s start!



Paper flower stancil

Needle and thread

Hot glue




Step 1: Cut 12 squares of fabric. No measurements needed, just make sure it’s big enough to fit your paper flower stencil.

Step 2: Get pencil take one of your fabric and trace the paper flower stencil onto. And then cut all the way around. Do the same process to the rest of your fabric

Step 3: Take two of your fabric right side facing each other. Thread all the way around leaving the bottom part open. When you’re done, turn your fabric inside out

Step 4: Fill it with cotton. And then thread at the end

Step 5: Thread all the petals of the flower together

Step 6: Now you need two circles of fabric to make the center of flower. Get your needle and thread and start sewing all the way around in a circular motion. When you’re done, continue filling it with cotton like you did with the petals of flower

Step 7: Place the circle in the center of the flower and pin it into place

And, tada! Your flower pillow is ready

Another way to make flower pillow for you to choose, watch the video below