Real Icelandic poppies come in all sorts of colors so you can really play around with a variety of papers for these. These crepe paper Icelandic poppies are also a great project for anyone who is just getting into paper flower making!

Follow the step-by-step tutorial below for crafting your crepe paper Icelandic poppies!


Colorful tissue paper flowers (yellow, orange, white)

Floral wire

Floral tape


Pinking shears


Hot glue gun

Foam balls

How to:

Step 1: Gather your materials. Cut out flower petals.

Step 2: Bend tip of wire with pliers, poke hole in foam ball, glue and position wire into hole in foam ball.

Cup green voal by gently stretching center across grain. Positioin foam ball in center across grain. Form paper to fit around ball and glue edges to base of ball.

Step 3: Use pinking shears to cut zigzags along side of rectangle and then, scissors to cut fringle.

Glue fringe around the base of ball. Curl point of crown and glue into paper.

Step 4: Gently pull to stretch and ruffle the widest edge of coral petal petals. Cup centre by gently stretching only across middle, place a bead of hot glue across straight edge at bottom of flower and gather the base into glue.

Glue petals into base of pod, alternating around. Check the front side after each new petal. Looking for a gap where the next petal can go.

Step 5: Crunch and kerfuffle the fringe stamen. Finally, use floral tape to wrap the wire.

Beautiful flower when you finish appers!

More samples that you can create more!

Now watch video below for more flower tutorial

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

Posted by Flowerss on Tuesday, July 17, 2018