Dahlias are loving looking flowers. It can serve as a beautiful centerpiece. But you can also make them out of paper as a creative and festive decoration for your wall or table. Now today I will show you how to make gorgeous paper Dahlia flower for home decor craft.


  • Color paper
  • Dry branch
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Styrofoam or thermocol balls


Step 1: Cut the color paper pieces. We need pieces with different dimensions: 3×2 cm; 3×3 cm; 3×4 cm.

Step 2: Fold the left side of the piece to the center and wrap the right side of the piece over it to make a cone shape. And repeat with all the pieces.

Step 3: Cut the circular shapes of the paper for the base

Step 4: Paste the cones on the back side of the circle leaving a one inch gap between each cone you paste. The ones bigger should be on the bottom, the ones smaller should be on the top.

3 layers of a flower

Step 5: Arrange and paste these layers one after the other. Do the same with other color flower

Step 6: Fold the circle and cut the 1/4th part of it. Arrange and paste the cones on this 1/4th part, make 3 such layers. Arrange and paste these layers one after the other like you did in step 5

Flowers we need

Step 7: Make leaf. You can make 2 types of leaf

Cut a green paper measuring 14×7 cm. Fold it in half and draw a design and cut it. Fold this shape in an accordion pattern. Paste this shape to make a leaf

Cut the 4cm wide long strip of green color paper. Fold and cut the long strip into multiple pieces. Fold the paper piece in half and cut the leaf shape of it.

Step 8: Take a dry branch and paint it using golden color. Paste the flowers on the branch.

Decorate these flowers using baubles and golden pearls. Paste the leaves on the branch as well. Now you have a beautiful branch of Dahlia flower

Tips for you: If you want decor it on the table, take a plastic bottle, fill it with white rangoli. Pace and fix the branch in it. Decorate the bottle using decorative tape.