When a fish bone gets stuck in your throat, it can be painful and frightening.

One day my 3-year-old son got a fish bone stuck in his throat. Small bones, but also entangled him upset and crying. Neighbors told me to put hand in his mouth to take it out, I was afraid to do so. If it does not deceive, it more deeply and then infect the baby more dangerous. At this time do not know how to do that, then my husband’s friend is a foreign doctor staying at my house. He saw that and told my husband to take marshmallow..

Luckily, my children loves to eat this kind of food, so it is always available in our home. He stopped crying because he was eating candy, he just chewed and swallowed. After a few seconds, he suddenly smiled again, and I asked him if his throat still hurt, he shook his head and asked for more candy.

Turns out all thanks to this ‘miracle’ candy. This candy contains gelatin, which makes it flexible and swallows the bones stuck in throat. Well, this delicious candy is safe and healthful so mothers often buy for the baby to eat. When my kids have fish bones stuck in throat, I have something to cure for him.

In addition, our foreign friend only told us some other ways that are easy to apply:

1. Cough

Most fish bones get stuck right at the back of your throat, around your tonsils. A few forceful coughs may be enough to shake it loose.

2. Drink warm salt water

If the cough is not effective, You can try to drink a few sips of warm salt water. Warm salt can help to break down the small bone and bring it down the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Drink olive oil

Olive oil is a natural lubricant. If you have a fish bone stuck in your throat, try swallowing 1 or 2 tablespoons of straight olive oil. It should coat the lining of your throat and the bone itself, making it easier for you to swallow it down or cough it up.

4. Banana

Some people find that bananas, like marshmallows, grab hold of fish bones and pull them down into your stomach.

Take a large bite of a banana and hold it in your mouth for at least one minute. This will give it a chance to soak up some saliva. Then swallow it in one big gulp.

5. Drink vinegar

Vinegar is very acidic. Drinking vinegar may help break down the fish bone, making it softer and easier to swallow.

Try diluting 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of water, or drinking 1 tablespoon straight. Apple cider vinegar is a good option that doesn’t taste too bad (especially with honey).

There are a few notes for moms:

If you’ve tried all of these methods and nothing is working, go to a doctor to get the bone removed.

Usually, this can be done very quickly and painlessly, though in extreme cases, minor surgery may be required. In rare cases, injury from a fish bone may be life-threatening.

You should also go to the doctor immediately if there is excessive bleeding (more than a drop), intense pain, a puncture wound, or a blockage in the airway.

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Source reference: WTT