It is always sad to see a child battling with serious health conditions. These types of things make us think that whoever controls the way of life is unjust for giving such challenges to innocent. We all know that they truly do not deserve to be in the situations they are facing. Yet at times, it seems like those who are in their most critical state look stronger than most of us. This was seen recently in another viral video online through a girl named Mira.

Based on the post, we know that Mira is going against the probably the most difficult stage of her condition. This made her unable to stand, lose a huge amount of weight and get bedridden. At first glance, we expected the child to be weak because of all the things that she probably went through already. Despite this, she managed to surprise us a few moments later.

As the clip continued, we actually see Mira smiling. She even did the world famous “In My Feelings” challenge. On her bed, the child did her best to dance the steps as she sang the words of the famous song. In the background, we could hear words of encouragement and even laughter.

The way she acted during the whole thing may actually convince you that he was a healthy child. Mira surely showed how brave and strong she was despite all her endeavors at that time. Sadly, based on the comments of the post, Mira has already joined the hands of our loving Creator.

The video was captioned with the words:

“Mahal na Mahal Kita anak. Salamat s masasayang alaala mo smin. Alam Kung naging matapang at msaya ka s piling nmin. Slamat pilit mo pang makasama ako. At Alam Kung lumaban ka para s ate mo. Mahal na Mahal Kita.”

Some netizens shared their messages of concern for the family.

In a matter of seconds, Mira showed everyone how positive life can still be no matter what condition you are in. She is truly an inspiration. May she now experience eternal happiness in her new life with the angels and the biggest inspiration known to man who is watching everyone from above.

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Source: showbizread.