“Ang tunay at wagas na pag ibig hindi yan nakabase sa estado sa buhay..Lalaking walang ibang yaman na taglay at iniingatan maliban sa asawa’t mga anak niya..babaing walang ibang kayamanan kundi ang asawat mga anak niya..ikaw kumusta ka?anung klasing kayamanan ba ang d kayang bilhin ng pera?”

This comment on a post is so on point! It describes the hidden lines you will be able to uncover on the married couple who are known to be bottle collectors in their area – Kuya Adan and Ate Eva. Their video singing in duet is really sweet as they put their faces close to each other to share the microphone, and their voices to blend beautifully. One Facebook account commented that they are good husband and wife who go through with life together by selling bottles and also by singing together. Some are heartened on how simple and happy they look.

This lifts the people’s spirit in love because there are numerous people who live life as hard as they can and yet cannot feel contented. No matter how much we work hard, if we are not contented, we will not view love the same way these love birds do! But what else is here in this video?

Not only did they demonstrate that love can be expressed in a song, they also proved that Filipinos are truly good singers! Filipinos are showcased all over the world because of great voices and many other talents. But it is still not surprising that even in the smallest areas of the Philippines, there are great superstars. And because of Facebook, this video can be viewed internationally. People in different dialects and languages commented on the Facebook post because of their amazement, some others feeling proud.

But the most important of all, one netizen said, “Nakaka amaze silang mag asawa kasi ang daming mag asawang di salat sa lahat ng bagay at sobra sobra pang natatanggap na blessings pero di masaya sa buhay, dito mo makikita na basta kuntento lang sa buhay nakakadama talaga ng kasiyahan.”

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Source: Tnpmedia