– A husband sought the help of Raffy Tulfo in Action after he caught her wife having an affair with a Pakistani

– He wished for his wife to go home with the help of Idol Raffy

– He brought along their child, who pleaded with her mother to come home to them

A downtrodden husband sought the help of Idol Raffy as he has discovered that his wife was cheating with a Pakistani.

We learned that the wife, Maria Teresa Espiritu, had pictures with the Pakistani.

The husband appealed to her to come home to them but she insisted that she would just have to finish her contract first.

Her daughter also talked to her and appealed to her to come home as she wanted their family to be “buo.”

However, it would seem that Teresa was bent on staying abroad until her contract is finished. She was also trying to tell viewers that it was her husband who was at fault.

To this, Idol Raffy intervened and said that Teresa must not turn the tables against her husband. Raffy also pointed out the glaring evidence they have.

Teresa and the Pakistani were holding hands, and there were letters penned by Maria for the Pakistani.

In the end, there was no concrete indication whether she will come home to her family or not.

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Source: Kami