Women pay special attention to the way their look on a daily basis, so they spend a lot of time and money in order to optimize the health of their skin, hair, and body. However, all of the products contain chemical contaminants which can harm your health.

Baking soda is a real natural miracle, which can help you gain the desired benefits, in a completely safe way.There are more than 300 ways in which you can use baking soda and in this article we’ll reveal the 15 best ones we discovered.

Teeth whitener :

Brush your teeth with baking soda, then wash them as you usually do.

Peas and beans softener 

Put these vegetables in a pot containing baking soda and water to soften them. They will soften in a short period of time.


Mix water and baking soda and apply the mixture on the affected body part. Let it stay during the night to soothe this issue.


Baking soda lessens the swelling and the pain from abscesses. It will give you immediate results!


Make a mixture of baking soda and water and put your jewelry in it to restore their shine.

Smell of the fridge 

Put a bowl of baking soda in your refrigerator to eliminate the disgusting smell!


Baking soda removes the stains which are be found on the clothes.

Rough skin 

Eliminate the bumpy skin by rubbing a scrub consisting of baking soda and water on your feet.

Bad breath 

It eliminates the bad breath, destroys mouth bacteria, and refreshes your breath.

Stretch marks 

Baking soda removes the stretch marks from pregnancy.


To strengthens your hair and make it shinier, put some baking soda on your scalp.


It’s going to eliminate the outer layers and at the same time, it will provide brand new, soft, good looking, and smooth skin. It will fight against acne, tarnished skin, winkles, and blackheads.


Baking soda relieves from heartburn after a very heavy meal.

Insect’s bites 

Make a mixture of water and baking soda and apply it on the affected body part to sooth irritation and pain.

Natural deodorant 

Deodorants are rich in chemicals which harm the overall health. Instead of using them, use a mixture consisting of water and baking soda and let the results amaze you!