A perfect marriage is a blend of countless things. Does your husband put an effort in the relationship? Find out.

1. He Professes His Love For You

Saying “I Love You” may not be a huge deal but it shows that your husband is sure about his feelings and communicates them with ease.

2. He Adores His Mom

If your husband treats his mother with utmost respect and takes good care of her, he is likely to treat you the same way. His mother is the first woman in his life and his bond with her reflects how he treats others.

3. Flirting Is Still In

In marriage, one needs to find new ways of loving the same person. If your husband keeps the charm alive by flirting with you, he is young at heart and head over heels in love with you! If you find yourself blushing, you sure do have an amazing partner!

4. You Are His Priority

He puts you above anyone else and is always there for you. He keeps his promises and does not let you down. You can blindly trust him.

5. He Helps You Find Magic In The Mundane

Okay so let’s face it: living together requires immense patience. You have to embrace his quirks, keep the house in order, do your job, give time to your kid – multitasking is the only way you can survive. But if you married the right person, life will be a lot easier. He will make boring tasks like doing the dishes or washing clothes fun! It is like you both are a perfect team.

6. He Inspires and Encourages You

Many people get so caught up in their routine existence that they forget the dream they nurtured. Your husband not only knows your dreams but also supports you. Be it traveling the world, or doing a Ph.D. or owning a bakery, he will help you follow your dreams.

7. He Can Calm You Down And Comfort You

Whom do you rush to when you are disappointed, depressed and devastated? If the answer is your husband, then he is your best friend. When you receive terrible news or just feel overwhelmed, he is always there to comfort you.

8. He Works Hard

He works hard to achieve success in his career and also puts efforts into his hobbies and above all in the marriage. You know you have married a winner when he voluntarily helps you in everything.

9. He Is All About Surprises

Who doesn’t love a sudden short trip or a spontaneous dinner date? Your husband loves to see you smile and will always plan surprises to sweep you off your feet!

10. He Showers You With Compliments

We often start taking things for granted and fail to find joy in little things. However, your husband genuinely compliments you and is proud to have you in his life.

Source: Truthinsideofyou