We all live in the same society where we have seen the happiness and the unreasonable of the society where they just put the mask on their face for the world but inside they have the deepest and darkest soul. There are various tough and tricky subject and issues in this world yet we avoid them because its not we are avoiding it as it is we are forced to avoid it so that we live in a peaceful society where no one bother us and we shouldn’t bother them even if its others are calling for help we are just told to ignore the situation and these illustrations will definitely show you the true deep meaning of the actual society

Career Ladder

Men with high values and different point of view don’t like it when a woman talks about equality or even successful like them and when a woman wants to reach the point of success this is how the world sees them that to reach this point they must have given advances to others.

Clash Of Values

Clash of values where women are told to do everything in terms of culture and religion values whereas one says that should not wear reidha all the time and yet some cultural bound people don’t like their women to expose themselves in public.

Women’s Freedom

People in Arab countries don’t like their woman to expose their self in front of others but they seem to don’t care if other women are exposing herself or even having fun.

Arab Dialogue

In Arab countries, you will see that women are being oppressed a lot because they are bind with rules and regulations and even living in an Arab country where a woman has to listen to her husband and what he says is like a law for them.

Being Same Gender In The Middle East

We don’t know the struggle of a person who is suffering because they are not like other people as they are unique but some people don’t like it they think they are strange weird and they are not welcomed in the society.

Escape From The Tradition

There are some culture and values of the society that says that a girl should be kept inside the house and they should not get any chances of tasting freedom and these things make them escape from that building cage that is oppressing women and their freedom

Love And Religion

We all love our religion yet there are some people who are so engrossed in their culture and in their values and their religion that they don’t like other religion and other religious people. We all may look the same but we are divided by religion and we are not fighting off something that makes sense as we are always fighting for some useless thing.


There are various women in this world who has been bound with so many restrictions where they have no rights to speak in front of anyone or even their point of view, Educations, Freedom of wearing something they like and they are even being covered with so much clothing in terms of culture and they can’t do anything about it.

Source : 9unknownfacts