Being single and living alone can be pretty awesome, and these illustrations show why.

Created by LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van As, this series of illustrations pretty much sums up the magic of living alone. From leaving your marks everywhere to cleaning up whenever you want – living alone really has its perks. Keep on scrolling to check them out and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

01. Enjoying Some Peace And Quiet

Hmmmmh….. Not to underestimate the situation and the illustration (very beautiful picture, seriously), but can you really afford a house like that when you live alone?

02. Playing With Your Pup

Hiding from Charlie is impossible. When I’m home, he knows where I am every minute, and he’s usually close by. Its why he’s my best friend. 😀

03. Escaping Reality

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures, but I’ve switched to my Nook eReader. That way I can carry it anywhere I choose to go, and it holds a charge for a long time. My favorite spots are the couch, or my queen bed, where Charlie can be next to me, and I can pet him while I read. When I was young, I would never have dreamed of such a thing. :O

04. Working Whenever You Feel Like It

I’ve lost count of the times I work best at night, in my basement shop, making beautiful things for my clients. Owls always do best in the evenings, and for me, this is no exception. 😀

05. Enjoying A Cup Of Tea While Watching The Rain

But you can do it with your Partner either.

06. Doing Nothing All Day

Agreed. Don’t forget to pet your pupper!

07. Dancing Like No One Is Watching (Cause No One Is)

I have a dishwasher , but, I can still do ballet leaps

08. Cuddling With Your Best Friend

Charlie, my shih-tzu, loves to cuddle up close at night. When he gets too warm, he will move away . But once he cools off, he burrows into me once more. Its his way of saying “I love you Daddy.”

09. Binge Eating All You Want

Ah yes! This is how I imagined my death scene would look like. Me lounging on the couch surrounded by boxes of takeaway with Netflix playing in the background…What a way to go

10. Being A Little Clumsy

She’s a Barry Allen fan !

11. Bathing As Long As You Want

Am I the only one that doesn’t find baths in this kind of tub that relaxing? I’m not able to stretch out in them. I much prefer a hot tub or hot spring.

12. Enjoying The Little Things

I am blessed to be able to enjoy little things…. a hummingbird outside the front window; watching a turtle bury its eggs in the yard; electric colored, shy , bluebirds with a new family; wild ducks munching on sunflower seeds , a stray fox or wild turkey …. the beautiful sunrises & sunsets that are free to all . Life is good !

13. Having A Carefree Sort Of Walk

Love the sound of my feet crunching on the fallen Autumn leaves.

14. Having A Party With Yourself

LOL that’s me in all the pictures

15. Snacking Whenever You Feel Like It Without Anyone Judging You

Or eating your favorite food every day with no one knowing the depth of your obsession.

16. Enjoying A Morning To Yourself

I love her house

17. Meditating Without Distractions

I want that house! Gimme gimme gimme gimme

18. Working The Way You Like

Now you’re talking! Cuddling the little baby can be so satisfying, while you think of all the possibilities. ;D

19. Treating Yourself To A Whole Batch Of Cookies

i don’t think i’ve ever made cookies without eating half of the cookie dough T.T

20. Enjoying Some Quality Me Time

21. Taking Your Time In The Mornings

I take my time by not getting up at 5:00

22. Creating Your Own “Fine Dining” Rules

Let’s not forget to share with the baby. ;D

23. Dreaming On A Rainy Day

I love to draw in the windows, too!

24. Cleaning However You Like

Just like Pippi Longstocking!!

25. Stretching In The Morning With The Room To Yourself

That’s a big ass room.

26. Having Your Puppy Around All The Time

I let my dog take baths with me, so cute!

27. Waking Up With Your Pup

Mommy, I gotta go potty. 😀

28. Taking It All In On Your Morning Walk

Yep, this makes me think

29. Melting Away Your Troubles

Isn’t one’s imagination just wonderful?! Its so easy to graduate from a regular bathtub to a super-duper tiled tub, all with the stroke of a pen/pencil.

30. Marking Your Territory

whew.. im not the only one who do that

31. Doing Laundry Wherever You Want

My unfolded laundry is Charlie’s favorite place to sleep when we aren’t in bed. ;D

32. Trying On All Your Clothes

she has great legs! 🙂

33. Releasing Your Inner Artist

I think the floor is a masterpiece

34. Being By Your Pups Side

cant make the bed yet doggo is having a rest

35. Working On Your Flexibility

Stitch again <3

36. Making A Mess

Totally me… definitely.

37. Leaving Your Hair Everywhere Because You Can

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