The habit of not washing hands after going to the toilet is considered a small thing but atually it’s not. Moreover it is very dangerous.

Baby eyes filled with “worms” because he does not wash hands after going to toilet.

A 2-year-old boy is having corneal treatment at Children’s Hospital. The medical doctor took in his eyes more than 10 parasites. The reason is because parents do not remind and practice baby washing habits after using the toilet and before eating.

The 2-year-old always feels itchy, uncomfortable in the eyes. A few days later the boy’s parent watched him closely and discovered some strange white parasites like ‘swimming’ in their son’s eyes. At that time, his parent panic brought their children to Children’s Hospital. After examining the boy’s cornea, the doctor concluded in his little eyes that there were more than 10 eye worms. The doctor immediately used a special tweezers to pick up white parasites about 1 cm long out of the boy’s eyes.

After examination the doctor found the parasite is a pinworm usually found in the baby’s body.

“In the eyes of more than a dozen needleworm, this is the first time I see,” said the specialist. Pinworm is usually only in the belly of the person, how could they run to the eye?

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After discovering the problem, the doctor suspects that the boy was going to the toilet and did not wash his hands. Pinwheel will come from the inside of the abdomen under the body’s waste out. The boy did not wash his hands and rubbed his eyes, which made the pinwheel of his hand reach the cornea. Pinwheel after contact with the cornea begins to multiply and operate on it.

Stroke from the anus-hand-mouth or directly on the eye can cause keratitis, injuring the nerves in the eye causing permanent blindness.

The story of a boy who does not like washing his hands causes the whole family to get corneal inflammation

4 years old, the age that is always curious about the world around him, want to touch hands on things but do not like washing hands. It was because of this boy’s bad habit that his family had corneal inflammation. Young children prefer to rub their eyes, dirty hands contain a lot of bacteria, when exposed to the eye causes corneal inflammation. Since his whole family used the same washbasin, of course his cornea infection would spread to the whole family.

Touching “sick” money and not wash hands, female office workers contracted STD (a sexually transmitted disease)

Hoai Thuong is a transactor at a bank dealing with counting money. Busy work, she usually does not wash her hands that go to the toilet, resulting in STD. STDs are not just sexually transmitted, they are an indirect way of spreading the disease. Before moving to Thuong’s hands, a certain currency was exposed to people with STD. When she goes to the bathroom without washing her hands, the bacteria go directly into her body. So she had this disease.

After reading this article, how do you feel? Actually a small thing also has serious consequences. Do not forget to remind your child and yourself to wash hands after going to the toilet!

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