Thinking about buying a new aeroplane? No me neither but if I was going to buy a plane then I’d definitely think about taking Embraer’s new model for a spin because it looks like a shark.

Not a sentence I’ve ever thought I’d utter but yeah the Brazilian aerospace company is touring the world with its new E190-E2 model which boasts bigger windows, better fuel efficiency and a paint job to scare the bejesus out of anyone with an extreme fear of sharks.

Dubbed the ‘Shark Profit Hunter’ this sky swimming Jaws has touched down in the UK, US, Africa, China and stopped off in Dublin this week for the final leg of its tour.

Embraer say the E190-E2 burns 17 per cent less fuel than its predecessor, the E190, which apparently makes it the most efficient single-aisle aircraft on the market, the MailOnline reports.

And because of the single-aisle the site says ‘the dreaded middle seat is never on the cards’. Dreaded is bit strong of a word, no. Can’t say I’ve ever dreaded a seat on a plane. The price of the ticket perhaps or the possibility of spending several hours being kicked in the back. And they have the cheek to call our generation snowflakes.

If a shark in the sky is now the new normal then be prepared for something extra strange. An unidentified flying object was captured on camera from a plane flying over the Aegean sea in November. Filmed by a person called Kerry (who, somehow, manages not to snap back at their fellow passenger incessantly asking ‘Kerry what is that? What is that Kerry? Kerry?’ Unsurprisingly, Kerry doesn’t have the answer…), the dark, smoky object seems to rise out the clouds like a genie set free.

As it seemingly rises straight up, the flying object then looks like it turns at a strange angle – not one that a plane could manage – before flying straight forward and leaving a long, dark trail of smoke behind it.

Another hypothesis could be that the spooky object is actually flying in a straight line the whole time, and it’s actually the plane turning that provides the odd angles and perspective. But that still doesn’t explain just what this UFO actually is…

I’d like to ask Kerry what it is, but I think we’ve established she and the other passengers on board the plane just don’t know.

Being above the Aegean sea – this isn’t the Bermuda Triangle or Area 51 – and given its grey, smoky appearance, could it be a wayward rock flung out of the mouth of a volcano below? Probably not, but I guess I’m just trying not to give in to the obvious answer – aliens.

Then again, if it was an alien, surely they would have some futuristic technology that didn’t leave a disgusting black trail of smoke lingering behind it? Only humans are stupid enough to burn fossil fuels like that, right? So the next obvious answer has to be – dementors.

Maybe if the shark plane with the big windows flies past it the passengers will get a better look from the big windows.

Source: Unilad