When it comes to singing, Filipinos are known for having a world-class quality voice. Many of our powerful singers proved their unparalleled talent in various international platforms. Recently, a 17-year-old Filipina named Maria Laroco graced the prestigious singing competition “X Factor UK.” The young girl amazed the panel of judges with her powerful performance.

From all the way to the Philippines, Maria confidently performed the song “Purple Rain” by the American singer Prince. She marveled about her dream to become a huge international superstar before she sang her rendition.

After smoothly belting all the high notes, she earned a standing ovation from the crowd. On top of that, she impressed all of the four judges. Robbie Williams, Ayda Williams, Louis Tomlinson and even the meticulous Simon Cowell stood up and clapped when her performance ended.

She got everyone hooked with just one song. Moreover, she received overwhelming praises from the judges. Tomlinson expressed his awe for the young girl’s outstanding performance.

That was absolutely incredible. To do what you’ve just done vocally at 17 you absolutely blew me away.

Meanwhile, Cowell threw her a challenging question. He asked whether she had a moment in her life where she doubted on joining the competition. With tears in her eyes, Maria answered how she pushed her dream despite the harsh critics from others.

I never gave up on my dream. A lot of times people tell me I’m not good enough and I can’t do it.

Apparently, Maria was once a hopeful of our own “The Voice Kids” in 2014. The 13-year-old her, unfortunately, did not win the competition. She already experienced this downfall at her very young age.

Without a doubt, Maria is now a strong contender on the show. Her performance clearly showed that she is someone we should watch out for. She may not be the winner yet but she already won the hearts of a lot of people. Truly, Maria Laroco is a Pinoy pride!

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Source: Metro.