The 19-year-old, Yzabell Palma caught many netizens by surprise after her unintentional discovery of an eco-friendly air conditioning unit. With her father’s guidance, they were able to apply for a patent and got approved by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Apparently, Maria Yzabell Angel V. Palma was working on a different project when she had a light bulb moment for the AirDisc. She was a 10th grader from Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Bicol campus working on an eco-friendly oven for a class when it happened. She only started working on the AirDisc when she was in her junior year.

According to the young inventor, the AirDisc won’t use chemical refrigerants that can harm our health and the environment. Besides this, the air conditioning unit will also consume less electricity. It is said that it will only consume 10% of electricity compared to regular units.

Yung medium of cooling niya is air only, so it won’t use any chemical refrigerant and it won’t lead to any detrimental effect sa health natin and sa environment.

Yzabell created a prototype with the help of a technical adviser and again, her dad who’s an engineer. The young inventor and her father had been looking for local and foreign partners who can help manufacture the AirDisc commercially.

Recently, 4 to 5 local firms shown interest in their product. The unit will be sold for PHP 25,000 to PHP 40,000, however, once the demand rises its selling price would eventually go down. According to Yzabell:

The prototype is now ready for commercial and manufacturing but we’re still open for a joint venture.

The Air Disc had received several awards and recognition from many international competitions. These include World Inventors Contest 2017, the International Invention Innovation Competition 2017, and the International Intellectual Property Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exposition 2018.

Yzabell Palma, today, is an incoming mechanical engineering freshman at De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila. Because of her discovery at such as young age, she has served as an inspiration to the youth.

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