A yearning son named Jimmy Gamboa finally met his father named Jamie Gamboa in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. According to him, he never got a chance to see his dad for almost thirty years. The popular television show “Raffy Tulfo In Action” took the initiative to turn the construction worker’s ultimate dream into reality. Who would’ve thought that he would get to see his convicted father for the first time ever?

Based on the initial interview, Jimmy Gamboa revealed that he doesn’t know anything about his father nor can he guess what Jaime looks like. He had no pictures of his dad growing up so it was impossible for him to know Jaime’s physical appearance.

“Gusto ko lang po makita iyong tatay ko, sir. Hindi ko po alam kasi kung nassan siya, eh. Tsaka, hindi ko pa po talaga siya nakikita kahit sa picture man lang.”

The father, on the other hand, is currently inside the medium security compound of Iwahig Penal Farm. He also expressed the yearning to meet his now-grown-up son via a phone interview with Raffy Tulfo.

“Gustong-gusto ko po siyang Makita, sir. Gustong-gusto ko po siyang makayakap, sir.”

Then, veteran broadcast journalist promised that he would be there to help these two men out. The emotional reunion between father and son was made possible with the help of the radio show. So, a few days later, all of them traveled to Puerto Princesa, Palawan just to see Jaime.

Before the highly-anticipated encounter, the production team bought souvenirs and even prepared food for the father and son o share and bond over.

With the coordination of the authorities, Jimmy personally met Jaime for the first time. This humbled father expressed gratitude to Jimmy for being proud of him despite his situation.

In the end, Correctional Chief Superintendent Richard Schwarkoft Jr. revealed in a short interview that the convicted father’s “reclusion perpetua” sentence could be reduced for only less than five years based on his good track record.

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Source: Tnpmedia