A lot of liquor commercials never fail to remind us that we should always “drink moderately” and “drink responsibly.” As we all know, too much drinking could cause danger to one’s health. However, it seems like this particular netizen has no problem at all and doesn’t mind the detrimental effects that she might get from it.

Recently, a short clip shared by Janice Namocot Avanceña got the attention of many netizens on Facebook. As seen in the viral video, a woman bravely drank a half-filled bottle of liquor nonstop.

As seen in the footage, you can immediately notice that the woman was holding a long-neck bottle of hard drink. Although it was just half-filled, we all know the how such drink kicks in. However, she surprisingly drank the half-filled bottle without breaking any sweat.

The netizens, on the other hand, expressed their sentiments on the said viral video. While most of them were really impressed by what she did, the other netizens lambasted her friends for allowing her to drink the liquor on her own. Based on their argument, they shouldn’t allow their friend like that because it could put her life at greater risk.

Whether what she did was up for a debate or not to you, it is important to know that too much intoxication to this kind of stuff is not good for our body. Surely, we are all aware that it could later damage our vital organs such as the kidneys and the liver. So, with all these in mind, we should always take good care of our own body and health.

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Source: Tnpmedia.