Woman uses some wood and the river to cook herself a delicious meal.

A woman recently showed some netizens how simple life can be in the forest. By only using the things that surrounded, she displayed her resourcefulness in a video that went viral on Facebook. She demonstrated how to cook a whole chicken with things that she initially had at the time.

The video starts off with the woman already cooking the chicken then it flashes back to the process of building the self made grill. First, we see the woman getting a thick bamboo like trunk from the forest.

He splits the trunk into three smaller pieces. She then puts them together by pounding them with a rock on a smaller piece of wood that served as a nail. Together, they served as the base of the grill.

She built the grill’s cradle by cutting what was left from the trunk and placed. The woman placed it on the base that she had just made. Later on, she gathered some twigs from the forest and started to make a watermill. She put some charcoal in the cradle and put the chicken through the watermill’s connecting rod. After that, she placed the complete grill on the shallow ends of the river that was following the flow of the current.

The river’s current moved the watermill and helped in turning the chicken while it floated above the charcoal. The woman marinated the chicken to add some flavour. She left after a while and let the river and its current finish the job.

It is really satisfying to see what these simple resources can still do in this day. It is also amusing to think that is was how things were done before the electronic age. Simplicity never fails to amaze.

Watch how she did it here:

Source: Tnpmedia.com