Public transportation can be such a hassle. It involves waking up earlier than people who have cars and battling with other commuters for space. It’s really difficult and time-consuming to ride public transportation. However, it’s the only way to get to your respective jobs cheaply if you do not own a car. When riding on public transport, you get to see hundreds of strangers every day. In a recent viral Facebook post, a woman started an LRT fiasco that caused her to be reported to the authorities of LRT2.

A mother shared her experience with a co-passenger while she and her daughter was riding LRT2. According to her, a woman disrespected her after pushing her daughter’s shoulders.

Si ate girl tinulak braso ng anak ko pagalit na sinabi “Wag mo sandalan yung bag ko”.

The mother told the woman that there was still space near the woman and that she wanted to stand near her but the woman didn’t allow her. Furiously, she told the woman that if she didn’t like being squished, she should’ve taken a cab instead. The rude woman responded by saying that she didn’t care. The mother pointed out how rude she was being and the woman responded:

Bastos talaga ‘ko at pumapatol ako sa matanda… lalo na panget.”

Due to the unavailability of the air conditioning, the mother started to have a headache and felt like she was close to fainting.

This was when other passengers came to her rescue and started to call the woman off. The other passengers on the train even called the attention of one of the security guards to ask her to leave the train. The woman, however, didn’t budge and remained seated on the train.

Apparently, the woman was bragging about her brother who she claims was a lawyer. A lot of passengers on the train were so annoyed at her that they just began to laugh at her instead.

In similar situations, it is important to protect those who are being disrespected. It is also important to acknowledge that there will always be a mature way of handling things. Now, we can be thankful that no one got hurt during the said commotion.

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