There’s a reason why our parents persistently remind us to stay away from softdrinks when we were younger. Aside from the supposed weight gain, soda, no matter how refreshing, can have adverse effects on our health. Unfortunately, this was a lesson Marilyn Ayeras had to learn the hard way.

Last Wednesday, the netizen turned to Facebook to warn others on how her obsession with softdrinks almost led to fatality. Since she was a high school student, Ayeras drinks soda to help induce her period. What she used to do is that she would empty a large bottle of cola in the morning, then another in the evening. Back then, she would already feel pain in her stomach every once in a while.

Until she entered college, Ayeras suffered from stomach pain. However, it was only during her fourth year in school that she thought about having it checked. Alas, the doctors found the culprit through an ultrasound: a stone in her gallbladder.



However, Ayeras, then already a fresh graduate, couldn’t yet afford to have it removed. For over a year, she had to endure constant pain not only in her stomach but also on her back.

“Araw araw na siyang sumasakit. ‘Pagkakain ko, naduduwal ako kaya naman lagi akong [may] softdrinks na kasabay. Nagigising ako sa madaling araw kasi sobrang sakit na talaga. Naiiyak na nga pero walang nakakaalam kasi ayoko [nang] kinakaawaan ako. Hanggang yung sakit umabot na sa likod ko. Sobrang sakit na akala mo laging may nakapatong na mabigat sa ‘yo.”

For this reason, doctors had to be frank with her about the consequences should she refuse to have the stones removed this time. Finally, Ayeras was convinced to undergo an operation. In the lengthy post, she didn’t forget to thank her doctors, family, and friends who offered their prayers for her fast recovery.

Meanwhile, the post has since earned mixed reactions from the netizens.